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Picking Out Accessories

  1. Adapt your accessories to your signature style. There's no end to the accessory choices out there, and it can be tricky to narrow down your options. If you're just now starting your accessory collection, begin by choosing a few pieces that match your current style. Once you get used to accessorizing, you can start branching out and experimenting with bolder pieces you might not normally think of as "you." Here are a few basics you might want to add to your shopping list:
    • Earrings: silver or gold hoops, jeweled studs, and a few pairs of fun dangly numbers.
    • Necklaces: a tasteful silver or gold chain, a string of pearls and a bold statement necklace.
    • Scarves: a neutral scarf that matches everything and a few bold scarves to show off your personality.
    • Belts: a classic leather belt, a wide statement belt and an elegant skinny belt.
    • Hair accessories: an array of barrettes, a headband or two, and if hats are your thing, a sunhat and a beret.
  2. 2.Find inspiration in magazines and blogs. When you're deciding which accessories to purchase, check out fashion magazines and blogs for great ideas. Look for inspiration from people who have similar taste to you or clothes that aren't far from your wardrobe.
    • Pay attention to how the accessories are styled. What colors and textures are paired together?
    • Most magazines and blogs provide information about where the items are from, so you can purchase them for yourself.
  3. Check out thrift stores and clearance bins for trendy accessories. Accessories are so much fun because they give you the opportunity to wear all the latest trends without having to break the bank. If you see an accessory you like, chances are there's a knockoff within your price range. Instead of saving up your money for an item that's likely to go out of style next season, look for less expensive versions of the accessories you want.
  4. Spend big on classic items. There are some classic accessories that are worth spending more money to purchase. If you're absolutely certain that you'll wear an accessory a lot, buying something higher quality could be a good investment. For example, a pair of diamond studs will probably get a lot of use, and it might be worth it to you to have the real thing. When you're deciding whether an item is worth splurging on, ask yourself these questions:
    • Will it stay in style forever, or is it about to be last season's fad?
    • Does it match the majority of my wardrobe, or will I struggle to find an outfit to wear it with?
    • Is it made with high-quality materials (like sterling silver or 14 karat gold) or is it priced high simply because it's a name brand?
  5. Pick accessories that go with your complexion. Your accessories will look best if they enhance your natural coloring, whether you have warm or cool-toned skin, hair and eyes. If you have warm-toned skin, earth colors and golden tones will look best. For a cooler complexion, go for jewel tones and opt for silver over gold.
    • To figure out whether you have warm or cool-toned skin, put a silver bracelet on one wrist and a gold one on the other, or hold silver and gold jewelry up to your eyes. Which metal looks more flattering against your skin and makes your eyes appear to sparkle? If you're warm-toned, it'll be the gold. If you're cool-toned, it'll be the silver.
    • No matter what your skin tone is, accessories can be a fun way to play with colors you wouldn't normally wear. If you never wear peach near your face because it makes you look washed out, try wearing peach-colored flats or a peach belt. That way you can enjoy the color even if it doesn't match your tone.
  6. Consider accessories outside the obvious. Anything you wear on your body can be used as an accessory. An umbrella or a parasol can be used to accessorize an outfit. So could a tattoo sleeve, a feather boa, pins, veils, key chains hanging from your belt loops, and candy necklaces. Be creative!

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