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Pizza guy tipped $700; church learns later how it helped

A pizza delivery guy never saw it coming, but it was a life changer.

A tired 22-year-old Jeff Louis was called in early Sunday to Gionino's pizza shop here, before they opened, to deliver pizzas to the congregation of Life Point Church. Pastor Ken Wright had an idea for the random delivery guy who was about to walk through the door.

"Yeah, I just thought, 'Let's tip him $100. It's the holiday season,' " Wright said.

What came next led Louis to upload an emotional message to YouTube.

Church tips driver $1,000 for $5.99 pizza

"You know, the most amazing thing happened. This whole church came up and gave me over $700 for a tip!" he said.

The amount — the number 7 is considered significant in the Bible, in part because of the seven days of the creation story and the more than 700 times the numeral is mentioned in the holy book — wasn't planned, Wright said.

"You know, it was spontaneous. It just happened," the minister said. The congregation got involved. "They started lining up one by one with their own cash tips.

No one in that church could have known what Louis said next on his video.

"I've been having such a hard time lately, just struggling to stay clean and everything," he said. "And I'm just trying to get my life back."

Louis never told the congregants that part of his life story when Wright summoned him on stage to receive his tip.

Both Wright and church members believe now that God was touching all of them, helping Louis overcome an addiction that he doesn't reveal in the sanctuary nor in his video, leading to raw emotion where real-life struggle meets overwhelming gratitude.

Louis wipes away tears when he says, "It really truly amazes me that people who don't even know me just wanted to help me out that much."

We'll never know how many people Louis has inspired in turn. More than 14,000 people had seen his YouTube testimonial as of Saturday afternoon.

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